Network Infrastructure Services

The operations of production network information centers, network operation centers, and security operations centers, require both specialized expertise and exceptional accuracy in critical operations. The successful development and maintenance of these operations is more challenging than most, as even the smallest mistakes in the production environment may be externally visible and cause interruptions to business.

MK Enterprises provides a range of network and IT solutions designed to meet these requirements that range from small to medium sized enterprise in the Qatar and Middle East marketplace.

We use best in class products from leading vendors to implement solutions in a cost-effective manner that minimizes Total Cost of Ownership represented in capital expenditures, ongoing costs and staff management issues within the SME Information Technology environment.

Our vision is guided by listening to the requirements of our clients. Whether you're a small business or enterprise corporations with offices distributed around the world, we can deliver the network and Information Technology services you need. We provide not only equipment solutions, but also many other services such as network design, communications consulting, software solutions, and entire network solutions.