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Sealing (Strong Encryption):

Protection of the documents access rights using by passwords or certificates, including the ability to protect the document for a group of recipients.

Why Document Security? To prevent fraud
  • Stop changes from one to final documents
  • Delegating sign-off and approval
  • Clearly identifying the author and approvers
To Meet the legality requirements
  • Enable legal acceptance of documents
  • Strengthen Policy internal and external processes
  • Ensure traceability, audit and compliance
To reduce the risk
  • Paper Unlooses or Stolen.
  • Paper is expensive
    – For printing / enveloping
    – For courier or postal services
  • Paper processes are so hard to manage
    – Ensuring the paper circulates
    – Tracking who has signed and who has yet to sign
    – Understanding who is holding up the sign-off process
    – Moving the paperwork securely
  • How to archive the original
    – How can it be checked?
    – How can it be archived in two or more locations?
    – How quickly can it be retrieved?