Cloudera for IOT

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Cloudera delivers a modern platform for data management and analytics-built on Apache Hadoop-to efficiently capture, store, process and more importantly, drive insights into all the data generated from IoT.

Capitalize on all of your IoT data

Easily ingest and utilize all of your IoT/sensor data in real-time, or in batch mode, at a lower cost per terabyte

Monitor Product Performance

Derive new and unique insights about product performance and usage from IoT data in a unified platform

Improve Services Efficiency

Improve service efficiencies by driving real-time analytics and insights on your streaming data

Why does this matter to organizations?

  • Traditional data management mechanisms lack the scalability and flexibility to manage new and growing IoT data sources
  • Derive more value from IoT by easily combining IoT data with other internal and external data sources
  • Drive compelling analytics on all your data, including data at rest and data in motion