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Derive new and unique insights about product performance and usage from IoT data in a unified platform. Improve service efficiency by driving real-time analytics and insights on your streaming data

Customer Insights

We delivers a modern platform for data management and analytics that allows organizations to build and analyze a true customer 360 profile in order to capture, grow, and retain customers.

Cyber Security

Cyber threats change every day. Team with US for a future-proofed architecture that accelerates threat mitigation and detects the unknown threats of today and tomorrow.

Information Technology

Store, process, and analyze any volume or type of data while minimizing cost. IT professionals are leading the charge. IT departments across every industry are adopting enterprise data hubs, powered by Apache Hadoop, to increase data agility, processing speeds, and diverse data use within their organizations to increase efficiencies and drive competitive advantages.


Modernize your business operations with big data. Improving business operations is a continuous loop of constant monitoring and analyzing people, processes, and systems in order to maximize returns. With an enterprise data hub, powered by Apache Hadoop, operation departments can deploy a single analytic data management platform that handles any volume or variety of data to ensure optimal service and product delivery.


Manage risk and meet compliance regulations. Balancing risk and capital gains is not a simple equation. Countless internal and external factors come into play when determining the potential impact decisions can have on an organization from a legal and financial perspective. Applying advanced analytics on mass amounts of diverse historic data allows risk departments to model the unknown while meeting compliance regulations.