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Quality data makes you more agile, innovative, competitive, and market-driven. That's why today's industry leaders focus on building new analytic capabilities with us.

Financial Services

Financial firms of all types and sizes rely on data to make strategic decisions, drive their businesses, and maintain a competitive edge. Only a fully secure and governed enterprise data hub can deliver the most value from all the key industry workloads in one place.


Service providers are among the biggest aggregators of data under evolving market, technology, and regulatory conditions. With Cloudera Enterprise, telecoms can securely sync user, network, device, business, and social data to drive customer intimacy and accelerate innovation.

Public Sector

Data is transforming the way governments do business by delivering operational insights and actionable intelligence to those who use it effectively. We helps public sector organizations securely analyze data in a faster and easier way—enabling timely, accurate, and trusted results.


Big data transforms manufacturing and offers a new wave of innovation, serving deep insights from the proliferation of machines and sensors. Hadoop brings together remote data from research, planning, production, performance, and customers for the first actionable view of the product lifecycle.


Hadoop and Cloudera offer the ideal platform for modern retail—enabling customer intimacy and efficient distribution, while driving personalization, loyalty, merchandising, and lean operations. In addition, Hadoop and Cloudera's Enterprise Data Hub give you a 360-degree view of customers, optimize your supply chain, and prevent fraud.


Tech start-ups and dominant industry mainstays have one thing in common—they've selected Cloudera as their strategic partner and/or vendor to provide a stable and reliable Apache Hadoop platform from which they can grow their business.


Insurers have long struggled with data silos. Getting the right information at the right time is a challenge. We provide a new paradigm for breaking data silos. For the first time, insurers can blend and analyze data from any source, in any amount and for all types of workloads. The Insurance industry is undergoing a digital transformation, in which big data and IoT are playing a central role.


Better insights and patient intervention with big data. When data from genomic research, population health databases, sensors and wearables, and EHRs is combined with public and third-party information and secured, it enables a precision medicine approach. The result is better overall patient outcomes for providers, payers, pharma, and device manufacturers. Furthermore, all organizations in the value chain, including healthcare data companies, can rely on the easiest route to the most comprehensive HIPAA compliance.

Energy and Utilities

Smart grid, smart meters, and greater access to weather data present opportunity in energy and utilities. By storing and processing real-time streams of multi-structured data in a scalable and cost-effective manner, utilities can use next generation analytics to optimize their business and improve the customer experience.

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