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Get the power you need – the instant you need it

Bare Metal Servers give you all the processing power you need on demand. Preconfigured, they can be up and running in an instant. They also give you the elasticity your business needs to react to changing needs. And, with hourly billing, you only pay for the time you actually use them.

Instant delivery

Why wait? Using standard hardware configurations we’ll get your Bare Metal Server up and running in one hour max.

Max performance

Ideal for the most processor-intensive and disk I/O-intensive workloads, Bare Metal has all the power you need.

Hourly Billing

Why invest in capacity you don’t need? With Bare Metal you only pay for what you actually use hour by hour.

Bare Metal or Dedicated?

Bare Metal and Dedicated Servers both provide the same raw processing power from single tenant machines. But with Bare Metal you also get instant provisioning, hourly billing and the ability to scale up your infrastructure very quickly. While with Dedicated Servers you get more customization options and longer, money saving contracts.

  Bare Metal Servers Dedicated Servers
Billing Monthly Hourly Monthly
Tenancy Single Single Single
Customize on ordering Excluded icon Excluded icon Included
CPU Single Single, Dual Single, Dual, Quad
Operating system Windows, Linux, BSD None (Configured after delivery) Windows, Linux, BSD
Delivery 1 hour 20 seconds 1-5 business days