Realizing that making the investment required to digitize records will only net you a return if the process allows for the digital assets to become your official record of use, at MK Enterprises we have perfect methodologies to ensure the peace of mind to destroy hard copy after conversion, and provide access to business-critical records in an easy to use platform. Whether considering our scanning, data capture, or data conversion services, utilizing our process for damaged document recovery, hosted records management or partnering with our consulting team; we are here to reinforce your efforts in electronic records management and with the goal of netting the highest return for these efforts, resulting in a sustainable system for the life cycle of your records.

MK Enterprises is a document conversion service provider offering scanning and indexing services for both paper and microfilm in all sizes and formats, software and hardware for Electronic Records Management, custom programming, consulting, document restoration and data and systems conversion services. Established in 2007, MK Enterprises provides document conversion and systems for Content and Records Management. Our goal is to provide our clients with affordable access to business-critical data and documents with extreme emphasis on quality.

Automate movement and retention of unstructured information to improve performance, scale, and manageability of applications while reducing risk and costs associated with providing transparent end-user access and efficient e-discovery and optimizing storage.


  • Managing the exponential growth of content
  • Capturing and indexing content automatically
  • Wasting storage with multiple and older versions of the same files
  • Applying and enforcing retention policies across files efficiently
  • Managing and finding information as demanded

Comprehensive data archiving and retention.

  • Reduce data footprint with a centralized, integrated data archiving solution for unstructured information from multiple sources such as email, file systems, and Microsoft SharePoint
  • Improve performance and scalability, reduce server count, and achieve greener IT
  • Respond quickly to discovery requests and internal investigations
  • Increase end-user productivity with transparent access to archived files