MK Enterprises Co. WLL is a locally owned Information Technology consulting services firm specializing in serving mid-tier businesses, non-profit organizations, and local governments in the Middle-East region. MK Enterprises offers a wide range of Information Technology consulting services, utilizing proven IT and management methodologies to achieve world-class results.

MK Enterprises principals have over two decades of collective Information Technology Consulting industry experience. In that time, we have served numerous clients in a variety of industries by bringing "Best Practices" to the development and deployment of business solutions. These Information Technology engagements have resulted in true bottom line results, providing measurable benefits to our clients.

We feel strongly that the core of our business is the combination of talented information technology consultants, practical methodologies, and a passion for delivering truly beneficial IT solutions.

Chairman’s Message
I strongly believe that success in business depends on your team , now I’m working with a great team of people including I.T. experts, Developers , managers and designers to complete our ambitions

In present day business world, it’s hard to imagine life without information technology (IT). The stunning speed of developments in the IT sector in the past few decades has changed the world of commerce.

But while we all are well aware of the progress in the field of IT, most of us fail to see the fact that changes are still continuing and it is as important as it has always been to keep pace with them. If you are operating a business and you are lagging behind in race while your competition is not, it could be a real problem.

The nature of information type and flow may vary from firm to firm but, whatever they are, integrating the existing information systems in a clever way will certainly help any business to cut down a good deal of non-value added processes and paperwork. For a business, it could also be a key to overcome the resource constraints, and change the business for better.

We have an environment where people with insight, passion and commitment work together to fulfill ambitious goals. And we all work to the highest standards of professional excellence and integrity. Our working style is how our values get translated in daily life, how clients experience working with us and how we deliver on our promises. We look for people who are:

Insightful – the problems our clients face are complex; therefore we have to be imaginative and innovative

Thorough – we deliver rigorous, thorough solutions because that is what our clients expect

Committed – we are utterly and absolutely committed to delivering the right solutions and avoiding the tempting compromises sometimes offered by deadlines, budgets

Passionate – passion drives business success, our clients’ success, and therefore ours

Collaborative – we collaborate with one another, with our partners, and with our clients

Mubarak Abdulla Alhajri
Chairman of MK enterprises